Research shows that the number one factor for success in early recovery is environment.

Moving from treatment directly into sober living increases our odds of staying sober by 60 to 80 percent.

Weekly Supportive House Meetings

Weekly supportive house meetings to help keep you on track with your recovery. Action Sober Living is committed to helping its residents focus on recovery. Our weekly house meeting are conducted by an understanding live-in house manager who is also in recovery. Weekly meetings help keep us accountable and in a recovery mind-set.

12 Step Meeting
Sober Living

Easy access to 12 step meetings. Whether in-person or virtual, we’ve got you covered. Because of Covid-19 most 12 step meetings are virtual these days, although there are more and more in-person meeting places opening back up. We provide free Wi-Fi and shared computer access for all residents to help you stay connected. As in-person meetings resume, all of our homes are located near common meeting places. Regular meeting attendance and sponsorship is strongly encouraged. Most of our residents frequent many of the same meetings, giving them a head-start in building a support group and recovery “fellowship.”

We have several Homes located along the San Francisco Bay Peninsula

From San Francisco down to Mountain View

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Action Sober Living  has been providing sober living environments for people in recovery on the peninsula for over a decade.

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Resident Testimonials

Sober living has been a key part of my recovery and Action Sober Living was the right choice at the right time. The house management and staff have been kind, professional and helpful every step of the way, giving me just the right amount of structure and support to help me move forward in my recovery journey.

— Matt M.

I can’t say enough about Action Sober Living… Paul is a great house manager, and James was great helping me get in here. I came from another SLE that was just way too expensive for me. We have a house meeting once a week which is great, and the atmosphere here is just so recovery oriented that it’s a great place for anyone who is seriously looking to get sober and stay sober.

— Josh N.

If you’re looking for a clean, sober and safe place to live, I do recommend Action Sober Living. The owner is in recovery, the people on the staff are in recovery, we have a great house manager, and this place is run very well. I’m happy here…. this is a safe and sober place to live in a great neighborhood.

— Sean C.


Action Sober Living is a member of the The National Sober Living Association.

The National Sober Living Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting excellence, support, certification, inspection, operation/management and training for 12 Step, abstinence-based sober living homes and Recovery Centers.